Monday, February 27, 2012

Armadilla Garden Office - First Day

Well, Monday 27th February, and I am in my new Armadilla Garden office.   Unfortunately, still no electricity, and the guys couldn't make it for the final work & snagging, but I decided with the battery life of my Mac Book Pro, and a wifi connection that was working from the office, I could work down here.

The wood burning stove fired up nicely. Only a 4Kw Windy Smithy LOUIS Clarke Thames 4KW unit, but plenty for this small office.  Just a small fire today to check it draws ok, and to take the chill away to work.  1 hour after lighting and the office is fine already.

The Armadilla still needs a bit of leveling.  It is down about 5cms front to back and 4cms left to right. That is easy to do with a jack and bits of wood.   For now, best work to one side of the office so as to avoid rolling sidewise while working!

Now.... to work...

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