Sunday, February 19, 2012

Garden Office - Ground Preparation - 17th Feb 2012

Ok - here is the first of my 'progress' postings on the installation of my Armadilla Garden Office.

As mentioned in my earlier post I have decided to invest in a Garden office.   This is/was scheduled to be delivered this week (w/b 19th Feb 2012).

In preparation for this, Archie Hunter sent out a couple of chaps to help prepare a base for the office, on our tiered garden slope.

This is looking down on the target level of the office.  On the left is a trench dug.  This is the anticipated ground level, with posts and sleepers used to shore up the earth.  This might be a bit too high... to be discussed 20th Feb 2012!

Closer look at the trench with the posts ready for  setting.

Looking up from lower in the garden. This shows the height that is being tackled!

This the lower side of the tier. If you look closely, the sleepers have already pushed out due to the weight of soil above them.   placing more earth, and a 1.5tonne office is probably too much for them... so plans needed to further support this.

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