Monday, February 20, 2012

Garden Office - Ground Preparation - 20th Feb 2012

Weather not so good today, but Archie's men were out none the less.  After some discussions it was agreed on the best approach to tackle the nasty slope - go deeper! and spread the drop in height across 2 retaining walls at the top and bottom.

Another 1 sleeper deep

Despite the rain.. not filling up (yet)

Lower end... notice the position of the posts - this is where the lower level retainer is going in.  Rather than having a single high retaining wall of sleepers, the plan is to have 2 separate levels - both at the bottom and at the top.  It will be 3 + 3 tall at the top, and 2 + 2 t the bottom.  We are using cheaper Jewson sleepers, so the new ones will be 200mm as opposed to the 225 or 250mm used previously.
Lets hope the weather improves for tomorrow. The forecast doesn't look great until Friday when the office is due to be craned over the house.

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