Thursday, February 23, 2012

Garden Office - Ground Preparation - 23rd Feb 2012

As the song goes, 'what a difference a day makes'.   Today, Archie and his son Ross were up with 5 men to help complete the leveling work.   Once again, the weather was pretty awful, but at least it was warm - 14'c and the heavy rain stayed off.     We were short of coach screws - those muckle great M10 x 15cm things.  Unfortunately, Stirling as a whole was only able to supply 20 (screwfix).   More arriving tomorrow morning.

As before here are a few pics of the progress made today.

A base prepared to take the office on its way to is actual destination.

Looking up at the top side of the new tier showing the existing sleepers, and the new arrivals. More coach screws to be added to finish.  The soil was level with the top of the lower sleeper this morning.
Before the digging today, the decking step on the left was slightly below the earth level here.. now it is clear by over a foot.  I will be putting in something to support the earth below the decking once the office is in place. 

Soil moved from left to right. It was previously up the level of the top of the sleepers next to the barrow.  Lots of digging. As you can see the whole tier is now quite a bit wider due to the pushing back on the right side. 

Look across from the other side of the garden.  Both rows of sleepers are effectively new. The previous set were to the left and not high enough.  Materials were re-used.

You can see the scale of the work above and below.  By putting the shoring up across 2 levels, it provided a means to spread the load, and the single drop.   6 sleepers on top of each other would have had required very very deep posts!

The lads did a great job today.  Tomorrow, just a case of further leveling - possibly adding some more soil, and then putting the gravel down to create the actual office base.

Saturday morning is the lift.  All going well - I should be sitting in the office Saturday late afternoon!

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