Friday, February 24, 2012

Garden Office - Ground Preparation - 24th Feb 2012

Busy day preparing the base again. Weather was good. Dry all day.  

The 'we have done the pose before' photo...

The base is now installed with 2 tonnes of gravel shifted from the front of our house down to our platform.    Another 35 or so coach screws installed to secure the sleepers.  I will be adding a few more as soon as we find a supplier in Stirling!

Mid afternoon, Ross arrived with the equipment to help with the lowering of the office down the garden.  The drop from the middle to the lower tier is very steep...

Going from the grass on the left looks ok. A bit of work to lift the office onto the ramps... and then a lower job to get it above the pallets... Then.. the tricky part...  The slope doesn't look to steep from this picture...  Lots of help hopefully ensuring it doesn't slide too far down the garden.

Looking forward to the big lift with the crane tomorrow morning!

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