Sunday, February 26, 2012

Garden Office - Lift into Garden and lowering exercise

Over the last week, Armadilla's team have been preparing our garden in readiness to receive a A12 Armadilla Garden Office.  Yesterday, Friday 24th Feb 2012 the base was completed, at around 8:30pm that evening, Ross arrived with the Armadilla securely tied to a trailer;

The task for the day was to move this 1600kg structure over our house, and down 2 tiers of our terraced garden;

The weather again returned to wet and miserable, making moving around on the grass difficult.

 I will post a video of the exercise in the next couple of days, but here are some photo highlights...

Rails for sliding office down slope
Office after lift over house

Pivot point
Safely reached destination.  Just use of the farm jack to lower it the rest of the way onto the gravel.
Level on gravel with wood burner and flu installed. 

Some snagging and tidying up to be done.  The electricity supply has to be connected, and a deck extension prepared.   The bulk of the work is now done.

The Armadilla is looking stunning.  Looking forward to setting up the office contents and getting settled in!

Many thanks to Archie, Ross and the staff at Armadilla.   An excellent job, and a perfect result.

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