Sunday, February 5, 2012

HSBC - World Bank - US time

Well - I have found a bank that seems to, sort of.. work.  No bank is perfect.   That especially applies when attempting to work globally.

As the HSBC representative from the Philadelphia branch greeted my business partner (and I quote) -

"Welcome to HSBC where nothing is easy"

So - personal and business bank accounts open - after making a trip in person to the HSBC bank in the US.

So - 10am. Sunday... accessing internet banking to perform a global transfer...  I discover the first thing that is not easy.

Sorry, you are temporarily unable to transfer funds from this country/territory. Please try again later or Please contact call center. (Ref 5128)

So... I dig out the call center information.  I decide to dial the US call center as I cannot find my UK call center information.   I turns out that the systems are down until 6am New York time on a Sunday.  I should try again at 11am UK time...   Mmmm... so, the system is always down until 11am Sunday... Wouldn't it have been nice if it had told me before I keyed in all my transaction details...  and then wasting my time calling the call center.

On the plus side - I am able to see all of my funds in all of my accounts - UK and US at the same time.   And, excusing the problems of systems availability above, I am able transfer funds between the US and UK the same day for no fee's (premier).   I am dinged for currency exchange charges - but that is the norm.

Anyway - HSBC seems to be the best of a poor bunch.. so I am going to keep working with HSBC.


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