Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nick Drake

A young Nick Drake

I have been a fan of Nick Drake for about 7 years. Strange, considering the fact that he committed suicide in 1974.

This evening, I am listening to a BBC Radio program recorded by Brad Pitt in 2005. Obviously Brad is a big fan, together with other famous folk such as Heath LedgerPaul Weller, Norah Jones and Kate Bush .

I first became hooked on Pink Moon. There is absolutely nobody else like him.  He has a strange haunting voice that has deep feelings. For anyone that has any kind of aspirations to play acoustic guitar, then they will find the skills and beauty of his playing difficult to fathom.   I cannot think of a better acoustic guitarist.   Most guitarists play specific chords in standard sequences, plucking notes etc.   Nick Drake seems to play songs that you wonder how they ever developed.. but after 2 or 3 listens, they just work so well. 

Unfortunately, no videos exist of Nick Drake - all we have are his 3 albums, some compliations and a few youtube videos made up with collages of his photos.    One of my favourites is Road;

For those that want to attempt to play this, I believe the tuning is DGDDAD with a capo on the 4th fret.   His most well known songs are Pink Moon itself and Riverman -->

Hope you can enjoy his music as much as I do.

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