Thursday, February 23, 2012

Peter Green - Blues Guitarist

I have been a fan of Peter Green for many years.  In my mind, for a short period of time during the last 60's he was the best rock blues guitarist ever.   Back then, he played for the pre-Rumours Fleetwood Mac.

He was at his best playing guitar and singing solo.  One of my all time favourites is a rather rough, black and white youtube recording of him strumming his famous Les Paul guitar, and singing the blues;

The guitar he is playing here is the famous gold Les Paul that he later gave to Gary Moore.  The guitar was famous partly due to a manufacturing fault that gave it a unique sound.  One of the pickups was wound in reverse giving it a particular sound when played with across 2 pickups.  Having said that, the real reason for the unique sounds was Peter Green himself.  He had a unique ability to adjust the volume of his playing - a sort of less is more thing.

Watching him in this clip, it is hard to believe that only a few years later, he would be committed to a mental institution.   Sadly, the guitarist who played with Peter at the gig in the above video - Danny Kirwan-  dropped out of music and was homeless for a while. I have read he is now happily living in Sweden. Anyway, here is another video with Peter and Danny playing awesome dueling guitars;

Notice that during this video, Danny breaks a string mid way through.  You would hardly know. He manages to work his way around the string.  Peter Green mentions this as his reason for playing solo later.

This last video is a more solid blues number that shows off Peter's pure blues guitar.  Enjoy.

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