Thursday, March 8, 2012

Armadilla living - 2nd week

As per my previous posts - I installed an Armadilla home office down my garden.

Now that I have been in it for a couple of weeks, I thought I should give others that are interesting in this kind of building some feedback. 

First of all, the heating.

The weather has been mixed.  With an outside temperature of, say 10'c the under floor heating is absolutely fine. It keeps the office warm at around 15-20'c without trouble.  However, you do need to keep some heat on overnight.  I made the mistake of lowering the thermostat over night to 5'c when it was frosty... when I arrived in the morning at 9am it was only 8'c after 1 hour of heating...

That said, this is where my wood burner comes in.  30 mins after starting, the office is back to a pleasant working environment.

I have continued to have issues with connectivity. Nothing to do with the office supplier, but, I made the mistake of only running a 3 core armoured power cable in... as a result, I only have power and no dedicated phone / internet.    Being a geek of course, solutions exist.  Archie suggesting using an Ethernet over Power solution.  I chose the Devolo solution that gives me ethernet ports and wifi in the office. It is mostly working, and performs fine (measured at 6Mb/s download).

Phone though has been less successful.   See my next post on this one!

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