Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Platform added

Work and other commitments have got in the way of posting further updates..... but following an afternoon of labour, I have managed to add the decking platform onto the front of my Armadilla

Looks straightforward from this photo, but actually involved twisting the office around, and re-leveling.  Also the steps were not square, so the platform had to be skew.

Anyway - now able to step into the office without gravel :)

One disappointment is that the door needs adjustment. It has slipped since it was moved... and before the deck was added.  Something easy I am sure for Archie and his chaps!

Still working on the challenge of adding blinds.   Only company I could find was http://www.atlantic-cintrage.com/en/photos-gallery-circular-window-blinds-33-38.html.  They are based in France... no reply from email. 

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