Monday, September 5, 2016

HSBC - UK Online Personal Banking - A very bad User Experience

Sometimes, even the very largest companies fail to make the leap from paper to electronic.  HSBC is one such bank.

September 2016 and they still require that you navigate around your banking transactions by statement pages.  Once you gain access to a statement, the User interface provides you a means to display a list of transactions by range of dates - it even tells you you cannot go before the beginning of the statement or after the end of it.  

I do not care for a second when the arbitrary statement date is.  I only want a list of transactions from one date to another date.

In September 2016, I also discovered that they removed the ability to output transactions to Excel (or rather CSV).  It wasn't great before, but at least it existed.  They now seem to have decided that users should be forced to transcribe transactions to Excel from either the screen or a PDF.... incredulous!!!

What is very worrying is that HSBC must have a User Experience designer (or team) that feels the user experience with the long long list of menus, small fonts, lots of text etc etc is something that is acceptable.  It is not.  It is just horrible.  The only site I can think of that is worse is the former Ryan Air website that did its best to make you spend more money.